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No Bells and Whistles here. This new Breezing site has no flashy displays or huge photographs that delay and slow down your viewing. It's just very basic but it does the job!

Happy? You bet!

Description of graphic.To anyone accessing this site for the first time Breezing is a Blog site operated by a retired single guy living in the beautiful countryside of Deux-Sevres (South West France).

I have lived here in France for 8 years now and my only regret is not having moved out many years ago.
I live near Puy Hardy which is the smallest village in the Department with just 33 inhabitants although my property falls under the control of a larger village called Fenioux.

My house is situated upon a hill and overlooks the River Saumort and can be summed up in two words. Peace and tranquillity. I awaken each morning to the sound of birds and during the day nothing more than the odd tractor engine can be heard. In the still of the night the only sounds are the ‘pip pip’ of frogs as they call to their prospective partners.

Life is very subjective but at my age I have found my Nirvana in a beautiful area of France where time goes by so slowly and is reminiscent of my early youth.

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